Northern California Collegiate Volleyball League - Women



  1. League structure will depend on the number and geographical location of the teams that file for admission by the league scheduling meeting.
  2. The league will play a variation of double round robin, home and away, or at agreed-upon sites if distance and time require such an arrangement. The mini-tournament may substitute for the second home or away match.
  3. The official opening date for league matches will be declared at the league meeting.

II. NCCVL Championships

  1. In each of the divisions, the NCCVL Championships will be between the top 6 teams if there are 11 or more teams in a division. If there are 8-10 teams in a division, the NCCVL Championships will be between the top 5 teams. If there are less than 8 teams in a division, the NCCVL Championships will be between the top 4 teams.
  2. The format for all divisions will be single elimination. Matches will be played on a selected weekend or during an agreed upon time by the league members of each division.
  3. All times and sites must be approved by the League Commissioner(s). The League Commissioner(s) will coordinate the process of match sites, dates, times, officials, and other administrative duties. Any conflicts will be resolved by the respective League Commissioner(s).
  4. To determine qualifying teams from each division, season statistics will be used in the following order:
    1. Match record
    2. Set record
  5. In the event of a tie between two teams for a playoff berth, the tie shall be resolved in the following order:
    1. Matches against each other.
    2. Sets against each other.
    3. Points scored against each other.
    4. Points scored for and against in all league matches.


  1. Has the right to decide anything not specifically covered in the constitution.
  2. Shall oversee league standings and match results from coaches or team representatives on a weekly basis once the regular league season begins. All results and standings will be online.
  3. Shall organize any league tournaments within the season and obtain and pay for the officials for the respective tournaments.
  4. Shall organize each division’s season ending playoffs, and obtain and pay for the R1 and R2 officials for the respective divisional playoffs.
  5. Shall provide league awards purchased from league fees.
  6. Shall have discretion to effectuate sanctions. This includes, but is not limited to sanctioning players or teams whose activities reflect negatively upon the NCCVL.


  1. The NCCVL will select a minimum of 4 coaches to advise each League Commissioner before, during, and after each competitive season. If 4 coaches are unable to serve, the committee may operate with less than 4 coaches. The League Commissioner(s) may consider a player to fill a committee seat if there are less than 4 coaches. This committee shall advise on the following:
    1. Rule protests
    2. Eligibility protests
    3. Officiating requirements
    4. All-league selections (if applicable)
    5. Assist with the NCCVL Championships
    6. Other assigned issues


  1. For all NCCVL events, the 2021-23 Domestic Competition Regulations (“DCR”) as presented by USA Volleyball are in full effect. Highlights of those rules and modifications are detailed below.
    1. All non-deciding sets will be rally score to 25 points and 15 points in all deciding sets. Matches may be best of 5 or best of 3 sets.
    2. Libero Player – will be used as outlined in the DCR. The DCR states there must be a rally between two libero replacements. To allow the libero to serve, an exception will be made to this rule. The DCR is modified to allow the libero to serve in one position designated for the set. The libero is not required to sit out a rally between replacements when the next action the libero takes is to serve.
    3. All single league matches will be 3 out of 5 sets regardless of scheduling issues. Sets are 25 point rally score format (all sets will be played using the deuce rule; i.e., no cap; when the score is tied at 24-24 in non-deciding sets or 14-14 in a deciding set, play is continued until a two point lead is achieved).
  2. The league crossover/regional/mini-tournament will be best of 3 sets.
  3. The winner of the coin toss will have choice of serve only. The home team shall designate its home bench area prior to the entrance of the visitors. This protocol will be standard for all single league matches.
  4. The recommended ball is the Molten Red/White/Blue IV58L-3 Super Touch.
  5. The playing uniform rule will be given special attention as outlined in the DCR.
  6. The official warm-up will begin 19 minutes prior to the match with the playing court set up 60 minutes before the first serve of the match:
    1. The two teams share the court with no hitting.
    2. The first 4 minutes belong to the visiting team.
    3. The second 4 minutes belong to the home team.
    4. The third 5 minutes belong to the visiting team.
    5. The fourth 5 minutes belong to the home team.
    6. The last minute belongs to both teams to prepare for final instructions.
    7. Due to safety concerns, teams may not warm-up behind a team that is warming-up on the court during its designated time.
  7. All Division I matches must be conducted with the 3-ball system, using a minimum of 2 individuals.


  1. Players participating in the NCCVL assume a duty to conduct themselves and their team in a manner compatible with their school’s purpose as a post-secondary educational institution. Players are expected to act in a mature and responsible manner when participating in all NCCVL events. By participating in NCCVL events, participants acknowledge that they are ambassadors to the sport of volleyball, both on and off the court. Participants, therefore, will abide by the highest sportsmanship and ethical standards of conduct.
  2. Any reports (e.g. from other teams, law enforcement, and/or hotel management) of activities that reflect negatively upon the NCCVL may result in sanctions.
  3. When participating in any NCCVL event, players and teams must comply with all applicable policies and rules set forth by their schools.
  4. All participants will conduct themselves with honor and dignity. This includes playing volleyball for the game’s sake, being gracious in a win or loss, working for the good of the team, and applauding the efforts of teammates and opponents.
  5. Participants will not:
    1. Consume, distribute, or possess alcohol while participating in any NCCVL event. State laws prohibit the use of alcohol by anyone under the age of twenty-one.
    2. Attend any NCCVL event while intoxicated.
    3. Consume, distribute, or possess drugs that are a violation of federal or state laws. Any person found in violation may be subject to prosecution by law enforcement.
    4. Inappropriately taunt or physically confront any participant or other person at any NCCVL event.
    5. Damage or destroy any facilities or personal property of others at any NCCVL event.
    6. Violate facility or hotel rules or policies.
    7. Violate any federal, state, or local laws while at an NCCVL event.
  6. It is the responsibility of the team representative to review this section with his/her team and participants.
  7. By participating, participants acknowledge that there are inherent risks associated with attending or playing in any NCCVL event, including but not limited to risk of injury, including bone, muscular or nerve damage, loss of or damage to personal property and other potential losses or damages. Participants assume liability for injuries or damages in connection with their individual or joint participation in any NCCVL event.


  1. If any team is unable to keep its commitment for a scheduled match, that must (in order)
    1. Reschedule the match to the opponent’s satisfaction.
    2. Agree to play on a neutral court or the opponent’s court if no neutral court is available.
    3. Contact the respective League Commissioners if #1 and #2 above are arranged.
    4. Forfeit the match with no further penalty if the 2 teams as well as the respective League Commissioner agree that every effort was made to play the match.
  2. If a visiting team is delayed up to one hour, the HOME team shall be notified by telephone of the expected arrival time. The match will begin 30 minutes from that time. If no telephone call is made, the match will start at the originally scheduled time. If the visiting team fails to arrive by the originally scheduled time, it will forfeit that match.
  3. In the event of 2 forfeits in any season, the violating team will be expelled from the league for the current season and may be eliminated from the league for a 2-year period.
  4. If the visiting team fails to arrive or refuses to play a scheduled match (and no other date have been agreed), or if the home team fails in the responsibilities stated in this Constitution, the League Commissioner(s) may invoke the following penalties:
    1. Forfeiture of the match.
    2. $100 forfeit penalty. Failure to pay this fee within 14 days of the forfeited match will immediately eliminate that team from the league for 2 years.
    3. Ineligibility for the NCCVL Championships and other NCCVL events.
    4. Probationary status the following year with the possibility of expulsion from the league for further infractions.
    5. The League Commissioner(s) shall take any other action when deemed necessary.
  5. Any team not intending to compete in the NCCVL Championships must inform the League Commissioner(s) before the completion of the league schedule. If a team decides not to participate in the championships after qualifying, and fails to inform the League Commissioner(s) of its decision, it will be ineligible for the championships the following year. A team also may be ineligible to participate in league for 2 years.


  1. For all NCCVL events, the current NCVF Governance Rules are in full effect. Highlights of those rules and modifications are detailed below.
    1. Minimum Unit Rule
      1. An undergraduate player appearing on a team’s roster must be enrolled in a minimum of 9 quarter units, or applicable equal, at the school he/she wants to play for.
    2. Graduating Senior Exception – A graduating senior is any player graduating within the current quarter/semester of certification. A graduating senior may carry any number of units required to graduate. A separate letter for each graduating senior from the Registrar/Admissions Office is required.
    3. Graduate Student Rule - A graduate student appearing on a team’s roster must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 quarter units, or applicable equal, at the school he/she wants to play for.
    4. Six-Year Consecutive Rule – Each player has 6 consecutive years of eligibility to participate on his/her team. Year 1 begins the first time an individual’s name appears on a team’s club or varsity roster.
    5. Half-Season Rule – Any player on a team’s roster must participate/suit up in half of the team’s league matches to be eligible to play in the NCCVL Championships.  For purposes of the half-season rule, each best of 5 match counts as 1 match, the league mini and crossover tournaments qualify as 2 matches, and the regional tournament as 1 match.
    6. Former Varsity Rule – A team may have no more than 2 “former varsity” volleyball players on its roster.
  2. Any team using ineligible players shall forfeit all matches in which that player participated.
  3. The remaining matches will count for official standings, but the violating team will be ineligible for the NCCVL Championships.
  4. The violating team will be on probationary status the following year and will be subject to expulsion from the league upon further violation.
  5. A team returning to the league after being removed for disciplinary reasons must serve a 2-year probationary period unless waived by the respective League Commissioner.
  6. All new teams must serve a 2-year probationary period and play its first season in Division II unless waived by the respective League Commissioner.
  7. A second and third team from the same university must participate in Division II unless waived by the League Commissioner(s).


  1. All previous members of the league must re-file for admission each year by the time the annual league scheduling meeting is held.
  2. A form will be available at the annual league meeting for the team representative to file for admission for the current season. Each team shall:
    1. Inform the League Commissioner(s) who will represent it and provide that person’s contact information.
    2. Meet league entrance fees and officiating responsibilities.
    3. Schedule home and away matches to fulfill the league schedule.
    4. Provide the name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address of a coach as well as a team representative(s) that is different from the coach.
    5. Provide its Sport Club Director’s name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.
    6. All information in this section must be kept current should any changes occur.
  3. The league scheduling meeting shall be the third Sunday of October preceding the competitive season unless otherwise notified. The site and time will be announced by the League Commissioner(s).
  4. Each team must be represented at this meeting.
  5. Each team must have scheduling information to facilitate scheduling of all required home matches.
  6. League entry fees must be paid on or before November 30 or a late fee of $45 per team will be imposed. Failure to pay by December 15 will eliminate that team from membership in the league for the current academic year.


  1. Entry fees will be determined by the League Commissioner(s) at the start of each season and distributed by invoice to each team.  The fee will comprise all operating costs for the league to organize for the current competitive season.  
  2. The league entry fee does not include the NCVF’s $50 membership fee. Teams are responsible for paying this fee to the NCVF. All teams must register with NCVF regardless of attendance to NCVF National Championships.
  3. The league entry fee will be used to cover administrative costs, the league webpage, all-league and league awards, officials and hospitality at the NCCVL Championships, as well as travel and others costs associated with attending NCVF meetings.


  1. Responsibilities for scheduling of officials belong to each team.
  2. It is the responsibility of the home team to obtain officials for all league matches.
  3. Each team must file with the League Commissioner(s) the following documents to substantiate each player’s student status:
    1. PLAYER CERTIFICATION FORM – due February 15 of the current competitive season.  This document must be stamped and sealed by the registrar and mailed to the address listed on the form.
    2. ACADEMIC RELEASE FORM - due February 15 of the current competitive season.  This document may be emailed to the commissioner(s).
  4. Submitting Results & All-League Nominations – Every team is responsible for posting its match results and nominations for all-league on the NCCVL webpage. Each team must post this information from the preceding weekend’s matches by Noon of the following Monday, or no later than 24 hours if played on a non-weekend (M-R).
  5. Nominations for all-league is the responsibility of coaches, not team representatives.  If a team does not have a coach, a team representative may provide nominations.
  6. A team that does not submit its nominations for all-league will be excluded from the all-league awards.
  7. Failure to comply with the deadlines in this section will result in a $50 fine for each day’s delay.
  8. Each team representative must see to it that the proper forms and fees are sent in by the stated deadlines.
  9. Each team must be represented at league meetings.
  10. Match obligations for the home team (grounds for forfeiture) are as follows:
    1. Referees: an R1 and R2 official for all Division 1 and 1AA matches and one R1 official with one volunteer R2 for all Division 2 matches
    2. Volleyballs: 3 approved volleyballs per match.
    3. Assistant match positions:1 scorer, 1 libero tracker, 1 score board operator, and 2 line judges.
    4. Visible scoreboard.
    5. Score-sheets, libero tracking sheets, and line-up cards.
    6. Ball Rotation: a minimum of 2 persons.


  1. A cumulative schedule will be compiled by the league office and made available online to each team via the webpage for further confirmation.
  2. Changes in and additions to the schedule should be kept to a minimum. Notification of changes must be phoned immediately and then e-mailed to the League Commissioner(s).
  3. Each team should encourage individuals interested in being NCCVL officials to get their certification from USA Volleyball.
  4. There may be a league meeting in conjunction with the NCCVL Championships. Each team may have a representative at this meeting. Notification will be sent if warranted.


  1. Any university seeking to add a team to the NCCVL should contact the League Commissioner(s) for assistance. Contact information is found on the NCCVL website.